It's about knowing the ropes

Getting your site top search engine positioning—and keeping it there—is a balancing act of science and art, demanding a seasoned, ongoing vigilance of the ever-shifting landscape that is search marketing today. It takes technical expertise to decipher search engine mechanics; creativity to keep search spiders happily fed; and perseverance to achieve and maintain top rankings for your most valuable search phrases—the only kind that drive visitors to your site.

The very best search results attainable take dedicated expertise, patience, and focused energy over time. These are the qualities GetToTheTop has consistently delivered to clients all over the world for nearly two decades.

You can hope that visitors stumble onto your site, as roughly 2% of all searchers do. Or you can strategically qualify and attract them through a well-crafted organic search engine marketing campaign, one that achieves concrete and measurable results.

A study by Jupiter Research revealed that organic rankings delivered 6 out of every 7 search engine-directed visits to a website, whereas paid listings delivered only 1 in 7 visitors. Natural, organic search engine marketing is still by far your best online traffic tool—especially over paid placement and comparable advertising efforts.


Given today's increasingly competitive online market, a high search engine ranking is crucial and should be continuous, if properly implemented and carefully monitored. Top rankings mean more impressions; more impressions mean more opportunity to drive prospects to your site and convert them into real revenue. Keep in mind that search engine leads are generally of the highest quality; these leads are usually looking for specific solutions and when you're at the top, they'll most likely click and possibly convert.

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