Setting up base camp

We implement proven, ethical, finely tuned processes to get your site top rankings in minimum time. Here's how we deliver results quickly and affordably:

  • Keyword Research:  The first step is to identify relevant and effective key search phrases that people are actually using to find your products and services. This can be the most revealing phase of a project, since clients are often targeting less effective keywords on their own.

  • Benchmarking Analytics:  Next we determine where your site currently ranks for current and proposed keywords as a point of reference for the goals we set out to achieve. Knowing where we're starting from is the only logical way to measure achieved results.

  • Competitive Research & Analysis:  Understanding your business, your competition, and your industry helps to determine our objectives. Since 1998 our projects have spanned  all major markets, including information technology; hardware and software; telecommunications; fitness and health care; banking, finance and investment; retail and wholesale; and the non-profit sector, among others.

  • Website Needs Analysis:  Detecting structural and design impediments that inhibit effective search engine spidering is crucial to successful site optimization, ensuring that your code is clean and efficient.

  • Optimization & Content Development:  While retaining your key marketing messages, we'll create or reshape compelling site content, efficient Meta tags, and optimal internal link references.

  • Link Strategies:  We'll help develop effective strategies for identifying highly relevant external links to increase your site's popularity.

  • Web Analytics:  As part of our Positioning Monitoring & Protection program, we provide insight into where visitors come from; what search phrases they use to find you; how they behave on your site; and other valuable metrics for gauging the effectiveness of the strategies we implement.

Expedition Pricing

There is no "one price fits all" scenario in professional SEO/SEM circles—or at least there shouldn't be. Every project we consider for engagement has unique elements that must be considered before settling into the right budget: the number of keywords desired, geographic attributes, the number of site pages involved, the competitive landscape, the architectural efficacy of site structure—many variables go into each proposal, which we offer at no charge to qualified prospective clients. Flexibility is key to crafting the right project at the right budget for each client.

Every client is assured keyword exclusivity within their market space during the term of engagement. We will not take on any competitor vying the the same or similar keywords, period.

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